In my work, I aspire to capture images candidly and openly, if only to remind us all that our time on earth is fragile and fleeting.
I enjoy capturing the hidden gazes between two people that are so impossibly in love with each other that their expressions alone prove the very existence of fairy tales. I like commemorating the honest tears of heartbreak in an image that will shine light into an otherwise dark and scary corner. 

Photographs are not just a collection of mesmerizing smiles and glorious locations; they are stolen moments that often expose our unique personalities and wildest ambitions. Pictures can sometimes shine a light on raw and emotional states that would otherwise be overlooked in modern utopian times. You can expect all of these things from me, as a photographer, and as a person trying to make it through the day. I will always find something beautiful in you, and I will do my best to make you realise how incredible, exceptional and irreplaceable you are, one way or another.

I have a degree in BA (Hons) Photography from Kingston University,
and have worked as a freelance photographer ever since. 
I am based in Cork, but available for Ireland/NI and UK. Does wedding photography as well as portraits, events and product photography.

If you see anything you like, have any ideas or similar,
please do not hesitate to send me an email or text if you'd like some beautiful pictures!

- Ann Charlotte